The right path
Sadgamaya foundation is a not-for-profit organization, founded by DP Mahesh, 12 years back.

It was officially registered on June 27, 2017.

Mahesh feels that human consciousness can become wiser by marrying spirituality with science that helps humanity.

Sadgamaya’s vision is to help seekers of spirituality deepen their meditation using the Himalayan wisdom and the practice of 5 Elements Breathwork.

Under Mahesh’s leadership, the foundation promotes programs for the transformation of the Body, Mind and Soul.

Highly experiential in their design, these programs have touched and transformed the lives of thousands of people across the world

Sadgamaya is actively engaged in
  • Spreading the Himalayan Wisdom

    Connecting with 5 elements, working with 5 breath forces (pranas), aligning energy system, fine-tuning the wisdom center in the body and thus meditate in the best possible way.

  • Spiritual purification training

    With 5 elements, for example, regular water Breathwork, sitting with fire element to cleanse EEP (Emotional Energy Pollution) thereby cleansing the aura; earth Breathwork for healing and grounding, etc.

  • Spirituality & Science

    Sadgamaya is investing in research and has been using modern technology for measuring the human aura, the human energy systems and energy healing. These technologies are also utilized to correct illnesses at aura level. According to Mahesh, in less than a decade, working with energy will become a reality. Keeping his vision of marrying spirituality with Science, he replicated Dr. Edgar Cayce’s (American Clairvoyant) work in Bengaluru, creating an experiment with a similar set up. At present an improved setup is being built to make this practice available to all.

  • Water Birthing

    Sadgamaya proposes having water birth centers around the globe. Currently it is creating awareness and is promoting it by collaborating with doctors, health agencies, government agencies and maternity hospitals so that more people opt for it. Such a birth increases a sense of security for the newborn, thereby minimizing the possibility of birth trauma.

  • Encouraging universal brotherhood

    Encouraging universal brotherhood and growing the community of spiritual seekers for one common agenda – to be awakened and liberated

  • Group Meditation

    Group meditation conducted twice a month brings more people to meditate together. This helps in creating positive vibrations in the society, which in turn contributes to global harmony.

  • Consistent 5EB Practice

    5EB and meditation is a doorway to wellness. When practiced consistently they can elevate one’s physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being. The larger effect is contributing towards creating a healthy society.

  • Healing Traumas in Children

    Educating the youth by engaging with schools, thereby alleviating various traumas faced by them during their formative years. Significant work is done to help them release traumas like Birth trauma, Parental disapproval syndrome, School traumas, etc., through 5EB. The release of these traumas amends and corrects the distortions in the subconscious mind, thus shaping their future in a healthy way. This can bring out the best in future generations.

  • Meditation for Children

    Initiating children into meditation, teaching them the importance of prana energies thereby enabling them to be disease free, stress free, drugs free.

  • Global Centres

    Creating 5 Elements Breathwork centers all around the globe. Where people come to recharge themselves, by using the elements.

  • Creating 5EB awareness

    Sharing 5EB knowledge with the world through workshops.

DP Mahesh, the founder of Sadgamaya Foundation and discoverer of 5 Elements Breathwork (5EB), is a Spiritual Scientist, a Yogi trained under the Himalayan Tradition and a teacher focused on Cognitive Awareness and Development. Being an engineering graduate, he had corporate experience in the IT industry.

As he was spiritually oriented from an early age, Mahesh connected with Masters in the Himalayas and around the world and practiced various techniques for spiritual advancement. He realized that liberation should be a birthright for all. He has devoted the last two decades of his life helping people heal and understand their spiritual path, thereby enhancing their lives. He founded Sadgamaya with the same intent.

"Liberation is the birthright of all."
– DP Mahesh
Another significant contribution from Mahesh is the discovery and development of 5 Elements Breathwork technique.

He was led to the wisdom of this technique when he experienced Kundalini awakening, series of Astral travels and other mystical experiences.

Mahesh lives in Bengaluru, in India.
He periodically conducts workshops and seminars in 5 Elements Breathwork, Past Life Regression and Master Your Mind Workshops.
These include the flagship 5EB Retreats, conducted once a year, in the Himalayas.

“The 5 elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space) are constant companions in our three-dimensional reality and represent the grounding aspects of our personality.
To disregard the 5 elements is to disregard physical existence itself.
But, by using them, we connect with everything and yet remain unique.”
– DP Mahesh
Executive Body
DP Mahesh, Founder, Managing Trustee

Mahesh is the Founder and Managing Trustee of Sadgamaya Foundation. His complete devotion and dedication is for the quest and dissemination of spiritual wisdom. For the last two decades, he focused on helping people heal and understand their path to spiritual growth. Towards this intent and actions, Mahesh founded Sadgamaya more than a decade ago. A significant contribution from him is the discovery and development of the Five Elements Breathwork technique.
Five Elements Breathwork is a powerful tool which empowers all to seize the spiritual opportunity, providing a unique path to healing and happiness.

Lt Col (Dr.) Hemlata Harish, Trustee

Dr. Hemlata, served for 27 years in the Army Medical Corps of the Indian Army. Subsequent to retirement, she was seeking a higher calling to address the myriad questions in her mind regarding exploring the realms of energy! She attended workshops in NLP, Acupressure, Energy healing! Her search brought her to Sadgamaya Foundation. Five Elements Breathwork and meeting DP Mahesh transformed her life forever. This was a complete turning point in her quest. She succeeded in completing the Kailash Parikrama at the age of 70! She is associated with the Foundation for nearly 6 years.

Her association with Mahesh and her experiences with breathwork resulted in exploring more and more of her own deeper self. Dr Hemlata combines the science of her medical profession, the discipline of her army training and the spirituality of her experiences to provide unique insights as she guides others on the path.

In addition to being a Trustee, she is a Therapist and Trainer in workshops all over India. She also had an opportunity to be trained by Leonard Orr (Founder of Rebirthing International), in the Rebirthing technique.

Udaya Nagarjuna, Trustee

Udaya began her journey as an HR Executive with a well known software giant in Bangalore. While she spent 8 years in this avatar, she always felt that her calling was different. Soon she left the Corporate world and began exploring alternative therapies, acupressure and naturopathy.
This change helped her connect with Mahesh and 5 Elements Breathwork. It opened up a new world of inner journey, she had a breakthrough and discovered her clairvoyance abilities.

It all crystallized in Udaya realizing her true calling – that as a therapist and a healer. Udaya has been associated with Sadgamaya for over 5 years and has trained as a therapist in 5 Elements Breathwork. She also had an opportunity to be trained, by Leonard Orr (Founder of Rebirthing International), in the rebirthing technique.

Today she divides her time between being a Therapist, a Trainer in workshops all over India and her role as a Trustee.

Dr. Kiran R. Kanthi, Trustee

A successful anesthesiologist and general practitioner for over 18 years, Dr. Kiran brings the scientist in his approach to everything he does. During his practice, he innovated a cure for burns and the increment of platelets.
The entrepreneur in him was awoken and Dr. Kiran worked on many projects in renewable energy, design of medical equipment, infant care products, etc. He is widely known for being the father of “Lifetrons AURA 1.0”, instrumental in reducing infant mortality.

Dr. Kiran’s interest and research in Spirituality embodied within Science connected him with Sadgamaya and DP Mahesh about 3 years ago. Under Mahesh’s guidance Dr. Kiran understood more about himself.

Vijay P V, Executive Trustee

Vijay combines being a successful entrepreneur and a Yoga instructor at Rastrotthana Parishad, Bengaluru with great aplomb. Though he practiced Yoga Asanas and Pranayamas for more than 10 years, he was unable to get a breakthrough on the spiritual path. In 2015, his association with Sadgamaya and DP Mahesh, hastened his spiritual journey. DP Mahesh, has, since then been his guide and role model.

Subsequent to attending the Himalayan retreat, Vijay had a spiritual awakening and his life transformed, both in development as well as in spiritual advancement! He now enjoys material and spiritual abundance with his wife and daughter. He attributes his success to the beautiful balance between his outer and inner life. He is a 5 Elements Breathwork therapist and a trainer for the 5EB workshops.

Manisha A Sharma, Executive Trustee

Manisha has a holistic, interdisciplinary experience across Clinical Dietetics, Public Relations, Fashion, Food retailing and training of Yoga teachers.
Her attitude of always considering herself a student has taken Manisha to many a new door of knowledge. A chance association with DP Mahesh at a time when she was battling with illness and nothing was helping, proved to be a god sent.
She attended a one day 5 Elements Breathwork workshop with DP Mahesh and got completely healed in a day’s time! On experiencing this miraculous healing she knew her search had ended and has been with Sadgamaya since.

This association has augmented her spiritual growth and learning of yoga.
With continuous guidance by Mahesh, she is fully living the purpose of her life with each day filled with intense joy and awareness.
Manisha has a newfound confidence, great joy in relationships and has discovered her potential to serve society.
She has seen a visible impact on her self and others that she has helped.
As a 5 Elements Breathwork therapist, Manisha is constantly enthused to delve deeper into this technique.